My marvellous Kent Claret vine ... I bought it from Victoriana Nursery to keep my ever-faithful calendulas company. Friend Wendy recommends the grapes for grape jelly.

Happy harvesting … my Great Auntie Bee's watercolour of farming life as it used to be, painted in 1950.

The creative mind in action … Coppicing days, Pheasants Coppice, Bishopsbourne.

History …In the garden of Serre de la Madonne, Menton. Seems I wasn’t the only admirer.

Happy birthday! ... My 50th Birthday Party 9th September 2010 at Jenny's, also with Hilda, Becca, Vittorio, Robin and Yvonne and Bianca - Caprese Michelangelo, Toscana. A very special day.

Birthday girl ... Mrs G picking flowers on the morning of her 80th Birthday, a few seconds before she realised that I had arrived.

It's Spring and here's a collection of magic flowers just up, just on view, and here to take away our breath with the sweetest perfume, with those glorious colours and shapes.

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Sally's Flowers

Sally Sally, never wander far from farmyard alley,
With your flowering pots all can see,
Painting the daytime,
In April and May time,
A forest of springtime, for free.

Illustration from Project Gutenberg, and with many thanks

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