My marvellous Kent Claret vine ... I bought it from Victoriana Nursery to keep my ever-faithful calendulas company. Friend Wendy recommends the grapes for grape jelly.

Happy harvesting … my Great Auntie Bee's watercolour of farming life as it used to be, painted in 1950.

The creative mind in action … Coppicing days, Pheasants Coppice, Bishopsbourne.

History …In the garden of Serre de la Madonne, Menton. Seems I wasn’t the only admirer.

Happy birthday! ... My 50th Birthday Party 9th September 2010 at Jenny's, also with Hilda, Becca, Vittorio, Robin and Yvonne and Bianca - Caprese Michelangelo, Toscana. A very special day.

Birthday girl ... Mrs G picking flowers on the morning of her 80th Birthday, a few seconds before she realised that I had arrived.

A chance to experience history, to taste the joy of a picturesque cycling route, on an historic way, a wonderful place to rest, to put the bike down and put up your feet and merge with nature's best.

Mount up, you cyclists, and lend an ear for poet Roberto has experiences to pass on here ...

Rberto crosses the busy road, the rush of London all around, reaches the thronging footpath on the other side, looks up and finds himself staring into a window filled with the promise of Spring, tulips, in full colour and bloom.

It's Spring and here's a collection of magic flowers just up, just on view, and here to take away our breath with the sweetest perfume, with those glorious colours and shapes.

We're waiting, breath misting or not, because Spring must be starting, surely. The calendar says so. Jacket on, brolly up, and now take a stroll around the garden. Hooray!

The forecasts for early February mightn't exactly confirm it, but Spring is about to spring into our gardens. Poet Roberto can confirm it because he really knows about such things.

We might well be wrapped up against the January weather, but our poet Roberto spots the magic out there, and likens it to the changing scene in modern day Britain, as we extend the hand of friendship to those very much less fortunate.

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