My marvellous Kent Claret vine ... I bought it from Victoriana Nursery to keep my ever-faithful calendulas company. Friend Wendy recommends the grapes for grape jelly.

Happy harvesting … my Great Auntie Bee's watercolour of farming life as it used to be, painted in 1950.

The creative mind in action … Coppicing days, Pheasants Coppice, Bishopsbourne.

History …In the garden of Serre de la Madonne, Menton. Seems I wasn’t the only admirer.

Happy birthday! ... My 50th Birthday Party 9th September 2010 at Jenny's, also with Hilda, Becca, Vittorio, Robin and Yvonne and Bianca - Caprese Michelangelo, Toscana. A very special day.

Birthday girl ... Mrs G picking flowers on the morning of her 80th Birthday, a few seconds before she realised that I had arrived.

Healing thoughts for August, for those admiring busy wavelets at the seaside, for those dreaming of cruises to come, for reliving scenes from the mighty seas of memory.

Image of part of  a HealingGardens co dot uk webpage to illustrate the article.
- Dolphins by Ranja.


Fold as you dive away,
Flow like the waves,
Fly into arching joys,
Fall in your sprays.

We time-troubled people,
See you swimming free,
Enjoying what once we knew,
Life, in the sea.

You eye-smiling cousins,
So steadfast and true.
Lone sailors' companions,
On seas starry - and blue.

Do you follow, sea swallow,
In your pod or alone,
To remind us when Mother Sea,
Held us at home?

When we danced in her long arms,
To her sea songs each day,
Wrapped well in her warming waves,
Where dolphins still play.

Fold as you dive away,
Flow like the waves,
Fly in to arching joys,
Fall in your sprays.

To Paul Rodgers, with great thanks - circumnavigator(1980-81), author, wordsmith, helper, friend and Very Patient Spider of my Website.

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