A New Year for Celts

A New Year poem for you. It's the Celtic New Year
Samhain ("sow-win")
today, the Gaelic festival
that marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning
of winter ... the darker half of the year.


Throw the last diamond in your poverty pocket into the gutter.
   As far, far away as possible,
   And further still if you can.
   And you will find, one day, when you are in the dark,
   That there will be and you will see,
   Hundreds and hundreds of stardiamondsstars,
   Lighting up the dark sky, smiling at you,
   And waving their starry palmy hands in friendly greeting,
   Even though they may be quite out of sight.
- Robert Graham

Thanks to artist Maika Spooner for her artwork, and thanks to you for visiting Healing Poetry at HealingGardens dot click. Wishing you the best of Novembers.
01 xi 2019